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flight anaglyphs

Posted in Uncategorized on August 9, 2012 by one1more2time3

accidentally I found a whole series of digital images I had shot during a take-off from manila airport in may 2004. today I tried to combine the right pictures and it worked, as you can see. 3D images out of an airplane are a bit tricky because you have to judge the speed, altitude, possible closer cloud-layers and your lens. in case of the anaglyphs below there wasbetween the images closer to the ground there was only maybe a 2 to 3 seconds interval. when you are finally in an altitude of 32.000 feet you can wait for your second shot about 15 seconds. I am not always that lucky to sit in front of the turbine. shooting pictures from the rear of the airplane behind the turbine doesn’t work, because of the heat-stream shooting out of it, it adds a blur to that area.


3D india, mumbay + mandu

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again some more ANAGLYPHS, from my first visit to india a short time ago. be so kind and look in the previous anaglyph-posts for instructions