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all pictures were shot on different locations in the philippines between 2001 and 2005
© bilderfabrik


anaglyphs 3

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when I did the several hours long two boat-trips on the pasig river through manila earlier this year in march and june I did not intend to shoot any 3-D pictures. there were too many motifs changing on the left and right side of the boat and I was busy enough not to miss anything. but, because i shot in total nearly 1.000 pictures, there were accidentally several 3-D possible ones, when I checked all of them recently. the movement of the boat gives you the same result as if you are moving yourself for the distance of the necessary 2 pictures, you just have to have enough shots of the same motif after another. the only two things missing here is the extreme heat on these days of close to 40 degrees/celsius and the smell of the river. enjoy – hope you have red/blue glasses…

all pictures © bilderfabrik