anaglyphs 1

in the late seventies I took my first 3D pictures, on color-slide film so I could look at them in a modified VIEWMASTER viewer. I used only one camera and took 2 pictures pointing at the same center, from eye-distance to more than 30 meters apart. for example on the empire state building from the far left and far right side of the viewing platform, or during a flight in 32.000 feet height with a distance of 10 seconds waiting time between the two shots. only recently I found out about the ANAGLYPH technique, where you can create 3D pictures in PHOTOSHOP and look at them on your computer-screen with RED/BLUE-glasses.
today I start my ANAGLYPH-series with a few of the 3D pictures I did recently on my europe trip. you need RED/BLUE-glasses to see them 3-dimensionally. the blue has to be on your right eye side. enjoy!

all pictures © bilderfabrik


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