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anaglyphs 2

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here now some historic 3-D pictures, scanned from color slides and reworked in photoshop, from up to 30 years ago.

all pictures © bilderfabrik


anaglyphs 1

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in the late seventies I took my first 3D pictures, on color-slide film so I could look at them in a modified VIEWMASTER viewer. I used only one camera and took 2 pictures pointing at the same center, from eye-distance to more than 30 meters apart. for example on the empire state building from the far left and far right side of the viewing platform, or during a flight in 32.000 feet height with a distance of 10 seconds waiting time between the two shots. only recently I found out about the ANAGLYPH technique, where you can create 3D pictures in PHOTOSHOP and look at them on your computer-screen with RED/BLUE-glasses.
today I start my ANAGLYPH-series with a few of the 3D pictures I did recently on my europe trip. you need RED/BLUE-glasses to see them 3-dimensionally. the blue has to be on your right eye side. enjoy!

all pictures © bilderfabrik


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following an invitation for lectures at the university in salzburg I spent the last three weeks in salzburg, as well as in southern germany with it’s baroque street, parts of the austrian alps, the black forest and the route du vin in alsasse. from the 3.000 pictures I took I am planning to post a selection within the next months. as a start some impressions from salzburg and around the beautiful city.