manila sunsets

the ‘sunset-season’ has just started, manila is famous for that. now you know why…



2 Responses to “manila sunsets”

  1. hi sir,

    it’s been a while since i visited your blogs. and well it just blew my mind away seeing the new posts you’ve published. somehow letting the weeks pass and seeing 5-15 new entries in your other blog is one heck of an experience! hahaha 🙂

    these photographs are stunning…one of the things that makes me remember why i love my country even if it’s infested with lots of “diseases”. ahahaha!

    i heard from sir benjie that it was your birthday last wednesday…so i just want to greet you belated happy birthday ^^ 🙂 i wish we could visit you again and discuss a lot of stuff.

    take care, sir! ^^

    from hans –
    thank you very much, gabey. we can meet again when I am back from hong kong, beginning of december.

  2. hi sir,

    It would be great to meet you again. The group definitely needs some inspiration and a change of perspective from you.

    The photographs are great. It is part of the essence of Manila indeed. I heard it was quite cold in Hong Kong recently.

    Take care sir.

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