# 7
















the locations –
1 london, 2 southern germany, 3 kauai napali coast, 4 bamboo forest near taipei, 5 high sierra, 6 london, 7 southern germany, 8 kauai, 9 tempel in hong kong, 10 manila bay, 11 southern germany, 12 cebu philippines, 13 bicol mayon volcano, 14+15 southern germany


2 Responses to “# 7”

  1. Tamara Romer Says:

    Dear Hans,

    These are beautiful pictures.
    I just saw the BBC documentary with the actress Joanna Lumley: in the land of the northern lights. There is some amazing footage of aurora borealis in this film. You tube has some examples too of this film. There is this part where the borealis is over a lake covered in moonshine and stars with a little cottage in the left corner of the image: colors orange, purple, green, yellow, blue, and more. This is a fairy tale picture and could have been painted by you. I believe I will try to capture the beauty of it myself with some paint and a try here and there.
    Bye, Tamara from the Netherland
    (By the way I love Rien Poortvliet, on your animation web. My boyfriend once wrote to him and was answered back, very cute)

  2. one1more2time3 Says:

    thank you, tamara, for your kind comment. to paint the aurora borealis is a tough job. for BALTO I had to do that a while ago. I studied a lot of video footage and tried to come up with a solution to paint it for animation. an additional challenge was that the different colored lights in the sky were supposed to change into a wolf-shape.

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